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Friday, April 15, 2011

Jihadi group to execute uesful idiot in Gaza

An al-Qaeda-linked 'Palestinian' group in Gaza has kidnapped an Italian 'human rights' worker and is threatening to execute him at 5:00 pm on Friday unless Hamas releases the group's leader.
[Vittorio] Arrigoni, an Italian pacifist and blogger, has lived in the Gaza Strip for some time. He was shown blindfolded with blood around his right eye and a hand can be seen pulling his head up by his hair to face the camera.

A spokesman for the Hamas interior ministry in Gaza City said it was investigating the abduction.

It was unclear when Arrigoni was kidnapped or where he was being held, but an Italian diplomat who serves in the region confirmed to Reuters he had been abducted.

The Arabic text that accompanied the footage of Arrigoni also said "the Italian hostage entered our land only to spread corruption" and it described Italy as "the infidel state".
Israel Radio reports that Arrigoni - who is pro-'Palestinian' - entered Gaza with the first blockade-running flotilla and has lived in Gaza ever since. Useful idiot.

You may recall that BBC reporter Alan Johnston was 'kidnapped' in 2007 by the Army of Islam - the same people who kidnapped Gilad Shalit.

Let's go to the videotape (sorry, Arabic only):

I doubt this will change his political views at all. Fool.

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At 3:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmmmm.......The 'people' who demand to be a'state' what has happened to 'We do not negociate with terrorists'?


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