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Friday, April 08, 2011

Iron Dome stops a rocket in Ashkelon

Since everyone else is talking about it, I probably should point out that the Iron Dome system intercepted a rocket over Ashkelon on Thursday.
Two intercepting missiles were fired at the rocket, but the first succeeded in hitting it, an army official said.

Eyewitnesses told Ynet they saw the rocket explode in midair and realized that the system had intercepted its first rocket.

Moshe Ben Hemo, a resident of Ashkelon, said, "I was in the street and I heard a strange sound, like someone pushing the gas pedal of a car. Then I saw the rocket fly through the air and explode. Immediately I realized that it was Iron Dome, that's what has been said here."

He added that the rocket alert had not been set off. "The rocket was apparently supposed to explode in Ashkelon. In any case I'm glad the system works," he said.
I'm glad it worked... but....

Ashkelon is not as close to Gaza as Sderot. You have approximately a minute for a rocket to fly the 12.5 kilometers from Gaza to Ashkelon - as compared with 15 seconds to Sderot. I don't believe that Iron Dome will protect the closer-in places like Sderot.

Second, spent $100,000 to shoot down a $100 rocket. That's right - each Iron Dome missile costs $50,000 and a Hamas rocket from Gaza costs $100. How long can we keep fighting on that ratio?

Third. as the 'Palestinians' showed on Thursday, they can use laser guided anti-tank missiles that will never appear on Iron Dome's radar to hit targets within Israel (yes, that anti-tank missile was laser guided).

Iron Dome is not the answer.

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At 8:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...


But the Israeli government is using it as excuse to avoid cleaning up Gaza.

What could go wrong indeed


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