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Thursday, April 28, 2011

IDF stops Jews from praying at Joseph's tomb

The IDF has stopped a group of 30 Jews from praying at Joseph's tomb, which was the site of a terror attack last week.
Some 30 members of a group that has made it its goal to promote Jewish settlement in and around Shechem (Nablus) attempted to enter Joseph’s Tomb in the city last night. They announced their intentions beforehand, and demanded that the holy site be freely open to Jewish worship – as stipulated by the Oslo Accords (Interim Agreement, September 1995, Annex I, Article V, clause 2b).

At present, Jewish worshipers are allowed to enter once a month – under heavy IDF guard.

The IDF fired flare bombs in the air in an attempt to locate the group, which was engaged in finding ways to detour the IDF checkpoints in the area. Ultimately, Border Guard forces arrested the entire group and returned them to area that is under full Israeli control.

Correspondent Haggai Huberman reports that in any event, Joseph’s Tomb is surrounded by PA police forces.
But let's enter into more agreements with the 'Palestinians.' What could go wrong?

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At 8:00 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel's capos certainly know how to please the new Nazis.

So much for learning the lessons of the Holocaust.

The Arabs have learned they can murder Jews in cold blood, desecrate a Jewish holy site and Israel will punish the Jewish victims for having the effrontery to claim their rights!

What could go wrong indeed

At 8:56 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Peres was correct in defining the kulturkampf between Jews and Iraelis.
Jews want to worship in Josephs Tomb, Israelis would rather listen to Dana International and sell pure dreck in US shopping malls

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

It's hard to know what to do. If the U.S. trained PA police (?), while yelling Allahu Akbar, are firing on religious people (infidels?), then a reassessment is needed. Can't make this stuff up, wondering whose side which institutions are on... for example, just south of the U.S. border, they are digging up mass graves a la Saddam Hussein... and who helped?


If your govt is on the side of keeping people alive, that is a good start.

At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Shechem is in Palestinian security control, i.e. it's enemy territory. Jews cannot have safe passage en route to Joseph's Tomb unless they are in a convoy with IDF protection. Breslov cannot freelance without endangering their own lives. Yes, the IDF could take back security control and provide a permanent safe corridor for worshippers on a daily basis but until that political decision is made the IDF will not operationally scramble to ad hoc locate these guys before they can get themselves killed and escort them, outside the fixed convoys that, for now, ensure Palestinian cooperation through implied deterrence. Until a political decision is made to take back security control, Breslover volunteerism will only prove that Jewish life is in danger in Fatahamistan as the Oslo house of cards collapses.


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