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Thursday, April 07, 2011

'Human Rights Watch' tries to absolve itself from Goldstone

Now that Richard Goldstone has kinda sorta retracted his accusation that Israel targeted civilians during Operation Cast Lead, 'Human Rights Watch' is piling on, trying to claim that they never claimed Israel targeted civilians in Operation Cast Lead.

David Bernstein has analyzed 'Human Rights Watch's statements regarding Operation Cast Lead. As he puts it,
[T]he question is whether a reasonable observer, having read all of these statements and more, “would conclude that HRW publicly and loudly agreed with the premise that Israel deliberately targeted civilians during Operation Cast Lead.” Indeed, if all we are talking about is whether some rogue units or soldiers acted contrary to Israeli policy, and whether Israel could have achieved its military objectives with less damage to civilian infrastructure, it’s hard to see why HRW has devoted report after report to Operation Cast Lead, treating it as if it was the great human rights crime of the 21st century.
Do I have to tell you what Bernstein found? Read the whole thing.

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