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Friday, April 22, 2011

His girlfriend from Amnesty

This was not what I had in mind when I hinted that 'peace activist' Vittorio Arrigoni may have been murdered for sleeping with someone. And while I always assumed that Amnesty International (and Human Rights Watch) are in bed with the terrorists in Gaza, I didn't really think it might literally be the case. But in the case of Amnesty, it is. Claudia Milani (pictured at left), whose position has been described on an Amnesty website as "“Israel / Occupied Territories Co-ordinator of the Italian section of Amnesty International,” was Vittorio Arrigoni's live-in girlfriend, and accepted condolences at a condolence tent after his death as per Muslim custom.
Milani and Arrigoni were very close. So close that she has been described in the Italian media as “Arrigoni’s girlfriend”.

Here she “receives condolences” for Arrigoni in Gaza. The man at the end of the row appears to be violent thug and lunatic Ken O’Keefe, a comrade of Arrigoni.
Read the whole thing.

I trust that Arrigoni's Jew-hating views had on influence whatsoever on any of Amnesty's findings regarding Israel during his time in Gaza. None at all.


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At 6:31 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Why is that member of the Sea Peoples, in the centre of the group, holding a St George's flag? It seems to be embellished with African heads: is he trying to tell us something?

At 6:53 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Juniper.
The guy in the middle holds a "Sardinian" (Italy) flag ,to be honest he looks Sardinian.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

If all the world's anti-Semites were to take a dive off a cliff - then life would be a lot more pleasant for every one.

But Jew-hatred is not going to go away in our lifetime.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Aussie Dave said...

Girlfriend? I am not convinced.


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