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Friday, April 15, 2011

Assad's choir

Anyone who has ever read anything that passes for academic analysis of Syria knows that most of the leading academics that study the country are shills for the Assad regime. So no one should be surprised at Tony Badran's conclusion after surveying the academic community's commentary about the Assad regime.
In all, this is an indictment of the Syria-watching community. While it is true that in the end their significance is minuscule, their case is symptomatic of a larger problem in Middle East expertise in the US. Regional regimes’ judicious use of visas, access, endowments and research grants has extracted an obvious toll on quality, objectivity and independence in analysis. In the Syrian case, the analysis oftentimes has been little more than an uncritical vehicle for carrying the Assad regime’s water.
Unfortunately, many of these same people are leaders in condemning Israel. But no one notices how shallow they are when it comes to us.



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