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Thursday, April 14, 2011

'Aid flotilla'?

In case you have any doubt about the necessity for another 'aid flotilla' to Gaza in June.
[Israeli ambassador to Turkey Gaby Levy] emphasized that Israel has no problem with transporting humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through legal means, praising the work that Türk Kızılay, the Turkish Red Crescent, is doing there.

“The passages to Gaza are open. There is a greater flexibility on the Israeli side. The quota for 220 trucks cannot even be filled as there is no need for more aid. Under these conditions, such an aid campaign could only be seen as provocation,” Levy said.

Activists plan to send a new flotilla to break the blockade on Gaza by mid-June to commemorate the people who died in last year’s mission and to give a sign to the Palestinians that they have not been forgotten.
What could go wrong?

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