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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When it rains, it pours: Egypt captures weapons heading for Gaza

Egypt has announced that on Sunday it intercepted a convoy of weapons headed for Gaza just over its own border with Sudan.
Egyptian security officials on Tuesday said that Egypt's army captured five vehicles smuggling weapons into the country from Sudan, and apparently heading to Gaza, AP reported.

The officials said the vehicles were seized on Sunday after a shootout during which the drivers fled.

They said the trucks, which were captured inside Egypt near the Sudanese border, carried large quantities of mortars, rocket propelled grenades, rifles and explosives, reported AP.

The officials said the weapons were headed to Hamas in Gaza through smuggling tunnels.
It's not that the Egyptians love us - if anything the new government is more hostile to Israel than the Mubarak government was. But they're afraid that if they become a hub for smuggling weapons to Hamas, Israel will come after them.

Bibi had better keep quiet about the fact that Obama won't let him do that.


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