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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Video: Netanyahu pays a shiva call

Here's video of Prime Minister Netanyahu's shiva call on the Fogel and Ben Yishai families. This is difficult to watch.

Let's go to the videotape.

Pam Geller points out:
In the above short video-clip, you will see the 12 year old survivor of the recent Itamar massacre, in which 5 members of a single family lost their lives to Muslim attackers. The child in the video-clip is the oldest daughter, age 12, of the slain family. A few days before this video was taken, her toddler brother Elad- 3 years old, was stabbed in the heart by the jihadis; her infant sister, 3 months of age, was slashed in the throat. Both parents were also killed as well as an eleven year old boy, Yoav .

An emergency condolence visit to the grandparents and child-survivors was paid by Mr. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and can be seen in the youtube.. Even those of us who do not speak any Hebrew can catch the word "America" in the only sentence uttered by the tearful child, in Prime Minister Netanyahu's presence: "Ma yikreh im taaseh mashehu, az America taaseh lecha mashehu!?" (What will happen if you do anything, America will get at you!?). In other words, this child has concluded that Obama's America would not permit her prime-minister to "do anything" -- such as doing what would have been needed to protect her, or do what is needed in future to protect other children and babies from similar barbarism.

Can the Israeli orphan's sentiments be dismissed? President Obama has made settlement-bashing -- not barbaric terrorism -- the linch-pin of his foreign policy and his secretary of state only recently branded the entire community of 300,000 Judean/Samarian Jews [....]as "illegitimate."
The question isn't whether Tamar's statements can be dismissed. The question is why Israel's Prime Minister feels obligated to prostrate himself before a Jew-hating American President and Secretary of State, and for how much longer Israel's Prime Minister will continue to behave in this obsequious fashion.

Israel was a sovereign country the last time I checked. But unless we start acting like one, we may not be one much longer.

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At 8:28 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - my thoughts exactly.

Israel owes Obama and Clinton no favors. Israel needs to begin taking care of itself and looking after its own national interests.

There is no peace to be had and it won't be possible to achieve it in our lifetime.


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