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Friday, March 25, 2011

US soldiers fighting Israelis?

I received the following by email today.
Is this where we are headed? A New Wrinkle in Time

By Norma Zager

“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.” Napoleon Hill

Last night at our how-do-we-save-the-world meeting (yes, we actually do meet) a very smart man posed a question whose answer caused me great angst.

What do you think will happen, he asked me, when the United Nations recognizes Palestine as a sovereign state and sends in peacekeeping troops? The United States will be part of that deployment and suddenly U.S. soldiers will be fighting against Israelis.

Well now, that’s a whole other kettle of gefilte fish isn’t it?

All those liberal Jews who believed if their solution to Israel’s problems would only be implemented and Israel gave back everything and made nice, all would work out fine. How will they feel when their tax money is going to kill Israeli soldiers?

Now we have a ball game, as they say.

Americans, much unlike our founding fathers, have become a nation of hedonists. Where once they planned for eventualities hundreds of years in the future, now there is no plan for even tomorrow. Little thought is given to how current choices will affect future generations, or even a month ahead.

Can a society become so hedonistic without signing its own death warrant?

Nope. Just ask the Roman Empire.

Rome fell when it became all about them. America is now all about us.

We pick and choose whom to fight for as is evidenced with our current faux war against Libya.

I am quite at a loss to explain how no one seemed inspired to fight when women were being murdered in the streets of Iran. Is an Iranian woman’s life any less valuable than a Libyan?

Don’t bother to even conjure up a plausible explanation. There is non
It all seems to hinge on American politics. Whenever our President decides he needs a distraction from the bad press and lack of answers to America’s problems, he enters into a war.

Lucky for the Libyans things are real crap in this country otherwise they would be left to their own devices like the poor Iranians who also battled and lost their lives to overthrow an evil regime.

So I guess it isn’t really even about what’s good for America, but what’s good for an incumbent President seeking reelection.

Politicians! You gotta love ‘em.

So I will return to my opening topic, the United Nations and its pathetic poor excuse to exist and how Americans may feel about the U.S. battling Israelis.

I’ll bet that eventuality never entered your mind.

First and foremost most Americans who can count to ten are aware of the fact that the two billion dollars we give the UN every year is like lighting a match to good money. Add to that the millions in parking tickets the deranged diplomats receive and must be forgiven when they use the NY city streets as their personal parking lot.

Plus, there is not a chance in this world the UN would cut a break for Israel.

After all, they have been systematically attempting to destroy the Jewish State since 1948 when they suffered buyer’s remorse over the mandate to return Israel to the Jewish people.

This is no small dilemma for American Jews and Christians who support Israel.

Thinking about such an occurrence and actually watching as Americans battle Israelis will present a picture most in the world never thought they would live to see.

It is frightening portrait of American disloyalty and a sad testament to a nation that once held integrity and principles in highest esteem.

We must also think about the consequence that might ensue if Israel is pushed into a corner alone and without her once strongest ally.

I fear they may be more drastic than the world may wish or imagine.

The threat of nuclear attack on Israel has been kept at bay by the prospect of swift and deadly retaliation from the United States. If the U.S. is no longer an ally, but on the side of Israel’s enemies, I’m afraid the scenario is scarier than a Stephen King novel.

Let’s play what if?

What if you are Israel, a tiny little speck in a sea of hostile Muslim nations? You have missiles attacking you on all fronts to wipe you off the earth.

It will be left to one man to decide whether to allow Israel to be annihilated, or fight back.

The Jewish people have an expression, “Never Again.” And although too many Jewish people have forsaken that credo and turned traitor or become indifferent, Israel in the end must honor that pledge made 64 years ago to six million ghosts.

Make no mistake; the button will be pushed. If Israel goes, it’s taking the entire Middle East and beyond along, too. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Nothing will stop the destruction and when the bombs start flying, the entire region will be laid bare.

So much for the Muslim Caliphate the Islamic extremists are so hoping to arrange with Israel out of the way.

Israel will do what it ultimately needs to do. The six million Jews living in Israel will not die alone this time. Perhaps that should be carefully considered before the United States adds its manpower to the battle and turns its back on its former friend and ally.

The Middle East is in turmoil and no one can predict how it will resolve itself. Will the new governments be stable, responsible and terror-free? Or will they be even worse than those who came before?

Unless we dig up Jean Dixon, we pretty much have to wait and see.

America has bought into the Palestinian fairy tale hype and now the world is at risk. However, there is only reality after all the false stories and marketing campaigns are over.

This is not the Twilight Zone or a parallel universe. Not another galaxy far, far away or star system populated by Jedi Warriors. It is Earth, and the truth is, the Arabs have done a hellava job in the PR department and they are winning the war. So well in fact they have even turned the U.S. to their side.

I fear we are all in for a rude awakening one day soon.

As Bette Davis said in All About Eve, “fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

The series “Postcards from America—Postcards from Israel” by Ari Bussel and Norma Zager is a compilation of articles capturing the essence of life in America and Israel during the first two decades of the 21st Century.

© “Postcards from America — Postcards from Israel,” March, 2011

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At 2:18 AM, Blogger biorabbi said...

Carl writes:

.... It is Earth, and the truth is, the Arabs have done a hellava job in the PR department and they are winning the war. So well in fact they have even turned the U.S. to their side.....

True, but couldn't it all be a giant Stockholm Syndrome? Where the west learns to identify with their captors, trying to live through the unknown by seeking common cause with the philosophy of those who destroy you? The ilk of Mondoweiss and the like come to mind. I'm a neurologist and I spoke to an Israeli Psychiatrist who gave me this idea on the eve of 9/11. He said that the US now identifies with Israel after 9/11 but might soon identify with the terrorist.

What Obama's latest Libyan debacle will usher in is an isolationist US foreign policy... no more right wing wars... Iraq/Kabul and no more interventions via the left like Libya. I can see how an isolationist like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan would do good in this swamp of an environment.

Imagine the spectacle of the US President essentially declaring war on vacation in Rio? without discussing the matter and letting Hillary put on her man pants!

But, on the other side of the coin, Obama does not represent the US on Israel. The solid majority of republicans and independents and a still hefty amount of democrats support Israel solidly.

At 2:54 AM, Blogger Hutzpan said...

"How will they feel when their tax money is going to kill Israeli soldiers?"

-- I am pretty sure they won't have any problem with that.

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! This coming out just weeks after IDF soldiers fire on and injure Jews in Havat Gilad and practice scenarios of killing Jewish Judea and Samaria residents.

Yoshev Bashamayim Yischak.


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