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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Supreme Court suggests Arab filmmaker who libeled IDF reservists apologize

Mohammad Bakri made the movie Jenin, Jenin. Here's a review of that film that was done by CAMERA in which the film was compared with Pierre Rechov's Road to Jenin. Bakri's film (which is available on the Internet) is a blood libel, which depicted IDF soldiers as genocidal murderers of hundreds of 'Palestinians.' In fact, during the IDF's action in Jenin (which shut down the terror organizations), 52 'Palestinians' were killed, only 14 of whom were civilians. Twenty-three IDF soldiers were sacrificed to keep down the 'Palestinian' casualty total. In 2007, Bakri was sued for libel by five IDF soldiers who served in Jenin.

In the lower court, Tel Aviv District Court Judge Michal Nadav found that although the film was libelous, the soldiers were a non-specific public, and only the attorney general could take action against Bakri. While the attorney general refused to do so, he joined the reservists' civil action.

On Monday, the reservists' appeal was heard before the Supreme Court. Incredibly, the Justice hearing the case, suggested that the filmmaker apologize and say that the film was not a documentary. The reservists' attorney refused to accept any apology without compensation, and then there was this scene before the court.
A confrontation broke out between Israeli Arab director Mohammad Bakri, who is being sued for libel for making the film "Jenin, Jenin," and prosecution laweyer Yisrael Caspi, who represents IDF soldiers. Caspi slammed Bakri during a hearing, saying that he "serves the enemy, and received money from the enemy." In response, Bakri called Caspi and his clients "stray dogs." Court security had to hold them back to prevent a violent fight from breaking out between them.
I hope this guy gets such a heavy fine that he's left penniless. Unfortunately, that seems very unlikely to happen.

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At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


i dont know the laws of israel...but it is sorta strange for specific idf soldiers to be allowed to bring suit against a film maker

i only watched a couple minutes of that propaganda flick, but did he name specific soldiers or show their faces on screen?

and it is a strange decision by the judge

and not that smart a move by bakri

just curious, as only 52 arabs were killed, 48 being known terrorists...how does bakri continue to support his contentions.

i also noticed that pallywood lines are stated in the opening...ie....this house did nothing wrong...etc

do all pallywood productions use the same script?

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this guy gets such a heavy fine

Really? I hope this guy gets run over by a garbage truck.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

As Shy Guy knows, leftists and Arabs in Israel are handled by the authorities with kid gloves.

If the Jews ever lose their land, it will not be because of the Arabs, it will be because they continue to do evil to their brethren in the sight of G-d!

This is exactly why the land is being punished without rain and with the mercilessness of its shepherds towards the sheep.


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