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Friday, March 25, 2011


I know Nir Barkat didn't mean it that way, but this statement at the Jerusalem Marathon didn't quite come out right (Hat Tip: Shy Guy)....
“Our answer to the murderous terrorists is that we will never stop running,” Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat said in response to Wednesday's bus bombing in Jerusalem that claimed one woman's life and injured 30 more near the capitol's central bus station, at the Marathon’s gala dinner on the evening of the attack.
That wasn't the only thing that didn't quite come out right.
The first-ever Jerusalem Marathon ended in amidst confusion on Friday, just over two hours and twenty-six minutes after the starting gun, when the three leading runners took a wrong turn and arrived at the wrong finish line.

The first runner to arrive at the actual finish line was Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya with a time of 2:27:48, but later on Raymond Kipkoechh, 34, of Kenya was announced as the official winner with a time of 2:26:44 after going off the course and arriving at the finish line of the half-marathon in a different location.
Rosie Ruiz should have tried running here. But it seems like the runners all had fun and it looks like the city succeeded in putting on a world class athletic event.

Let's go to the videotape.

Twenty years and more than 20 pounds ago, I was a marathoner. I looked at an elevation chart for the course and it looked brutal. I've run Boston and New York - Heartbreak Hill has nothing on this course. By the way, Cheruiyot, who finished in 2:27:48 is the record holder for Boston at 2:05:12.

The other thing I would do is to make the race on a day when there is no school and no work scheduled and which is not the Sabbath. Unfortunately, the only true Sunday in Israel is Independence Day and by then it is often warm for a Marathon. In other major cities, races are held on Sundays and there is below-ground public transport so the public is not inconvenienced. Many kids couldn't get to school today. One of my kids called home and said that only four kids from his class showed up and that the teacher had not been able to make it either. We allowed him to come home.

By the way, if anyone wants to whip me back into Marathon shape (and not charge me for the privilege), Mrs. Carl will be quite pleased.

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At 7:02 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

"We will never stop running" is a statement of strength. An "oops" would involve "running away". Really, we need to start an auxiliary of Israel Matzav... well, actually 2.5:

1. Running club
1.5 Hikers and backpackers/trekkers (does Mrs. Carl hike? or is she a runner?)
2. Reading club

I'm actually organized to do an online class on "how to on membership sites". My main interest is in a science and technology "explain yourself" site, but I'll keep in mind the idea of an Israel Matzav fans/regulars online meeting place... I wonder if Carl is interested in something like that...


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