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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Obama is missing something

Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday. Here's the reason she gave for President Obama's tepid response to the ongoing crisis in Libya.
we feel that we did this in a prudent and effective manner. And we did it in a way that did not raise the alarm bells around the region and the world that we were about to invade for oil. If you follow, as we follow, all of the websites that are looking at what’s happening in the Middle East, you see a constant drumbeat that the United States is going to invade Libya to take over the oil – and we can’t let that happen. Well, we are not going to do that. And we are going to side with the Libyan people and their aspirations, but the last thing in the world we wanted was to start off with military assets when we very effectively got our people out.
Well, who the heck cares about what anyone says? If it's the right policy, ignore them.

Or as the Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper put it
So apparently U.S. policy is now predicated on whatever myths websites from around the world are currently hawking. That’s not something that inspires a lot of confidence in this administration.
No, it isn't.

I wanted to give this post a title from the Urban Dictionary, but I don't write things like that. But that's what Obama really needs.

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