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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Live webcast of memorial service for the Fogel family HY"D (May God avenge their blood)

A memorial service is being held at Congregation Kehillath Jeshurun in Manhattan on Thurdsay for the members of the Fogel family of Itamar who were murdered last Friday night.

The family is sitting shiva until Friday afternoon.

The service starts at 12:00 Noon eastern time, 6:00 pm Israel time.

When the service starts, you will be able to watch a live, video streamed webcast below.

Let's go to the videotape.

Streaming live video by Ustream

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At 7:24 PM, Blogger Neshama said...

Thank you so much for finding this. I was fortunate to watch the entire Memorial. However, now that it is over I cannot find it again to show my Husband. Do you know how to be able to replay or have a copy?

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

American trained PA "security" personnel already in custody as accessories?



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