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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan grateful for Israeli aid offer

Japan's consul in Israel has thanked our country for offering aid to his, within an hour after the earthquake took place.
Japanese consul in Israel Mitoshiko Shinomya told Ynet Friday that the Israeli government has offered its assistance. "Israel officially offered its help an hour after the earthquake struck. It is very heart-warming, but at this point we do not know exactly what the extent of the damage is, so it is difficult for us to say what can be done.

"The airport in Tokyo is still closed, so it is too soon to speak of assistance from abroad," he said.
There's a boy in one of my son's classes in school whose father is stuck in Tokyo. He's lucky. His wife told me that he was on the 11th floor of a downtown Tokyo office building when the quake struck. He was able to walk out of the building and walk home (which took two hours - the subway wasn't running) and made it back to his hotel in time for the Sabbath.

But the last I heard, there are still an awful lot of Israelis missing in Japan.

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