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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Iran to boycott London Olympics over 'Zionist' logo?

In a new height for its paranoia, Iran is threatening to boycott the 2012 London Olympics because their logo is 'Zionist.'
The secretary general of the National Olympic Committee said Iran had made the complaint in a letter to the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge and was waiting for a response.

The London logo shows the numbers 2012 in four jagged multi-coloured figures and was launched in 2007.

"Certainly other countries, including Islamic nations, will react to this racist logo and this would jeopardize the goals of the Olympic games in the world," Bahram Afsharzadeh told IRNA.

He warned the International Olympic Committee that "negligence of the issue from your side might affect the presence of some countries, especially Iran," IRNA reported.
Arutz Sheva adds:
They cited “Internet documents” as proof that the logo, when rearranged, spells “Zion.”

Several videos have been posted to YouTube purporting to show that the logo, a jagged “2012,” actually spells “Zion.” One anti-Semitic video, with more than 50,000 views, claims the logo was designed by “the men who rule the world from the shadows,” and that “the shadow government of Zionists will be coming out of the closet in 2012” to rule the world.

Other claims abound as well, with some comparing the 2012 logo to a swastika, while others say it looks like the Waffen SS logo, and still others say it secretly depicts a sexual act. In Britain the logo was controversial primarily due to its cost – approximately $800,000.

Olympics officials said in response to the Iranian threat, “The London 2012 logo represents the figure 2012, nothing else.”
I thought the logo looked like a swastika.

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At 12:42 AM, Blogger Reuven said...


At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait, that's a j, and ah, the block thing is, yeah an i, and actually a z and another z for j-i-z-z, hmmm, jizz.

Mmmmm, another subterranean subliminal hidden sexy stimulus by those infernal Zionist masters in the shadows to frustrate the already sexually frustrated Islamic male and enflame the Islamic woman to orgiastic desires!

Praise Mahdi, Ahmadinerjacket is on the case!

At 9:08 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'm sure Carl had a hand in its design.

The Elders Of Zion do get around to flummox Iran.

Heh. I hope that's not the only thing that upsets them!


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