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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to annoy Leftist Jews

Sammy Levine really knows how to get under the skin of Leftist Jews: Remind them that Israel's strongest supporters are Christian Conservatives.
You see, to so many Christians on the right, support for Israel is a religious imperative, a command from God. This is why their support is so rock solid and unwavering. Jews should be able to relate to this as Judaism abounds with commandments of our own. Although many Jews are not religious, they still give generously to charities because it is a commandment from God—a moral and religious imperative. This is why support for Israel (and charity contributions) is greater on the right, as conservatives tend to be more religious than liberals. In a debate with Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager brilliantly explains how the left’s support of Israel is more fickle than the right’s.

For those on the left who do support Israel, hate of the right supersedes love of the tiny Jewish country. Dennis Prager wrote a very instructive column on this sad fact a couple years ago with regard to the dissolution of an anti-nuclear Iran rally because of Hillary Clinton’s hatred of Sarah Palin:
“What was alarming was the realization that for much of the Jewish left — not leftists who happen to be Jews and for whom the welfare of the Jewish people is not particularly significant, but left-wing Jews who claim to care deeply about Jewish survival — fighting Palin is of greater importance than fighting Ahmadinejad.”

Despite these facts, the left mocks and belittles the Christian right’s love of Israel. A couple weeks ago Chris Matthews mocked the Religious Right’s support of Israel:
“This coalition between the right and Israel…is not founded on personal friendships or anything like that, or even values. Its founded on some sort of right-wing thing, where you just high-five each other over there at the Western Wall.”
What a low life.
Yes, he is. Read the whole thing.

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At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You see, to so many Christians on the right, support for Israel is a religious imperative, a command from God."

Just as evangelizing, missionizing and witnessing the gospel to the Jews is an exolicite command of jesus in the new testament.

Great going, Carl!

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

PLEASE can he put this complete dhimmi kapo Kaufman in the magazine!!


At 4:50 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - don't call them "self-hating" Jews. It implies they are Jews but are somehow ill.

They aren't. They're evil. They're Jewish anti-Semites.

They are no different than the garden variety of non-Jewish Israel haters.

Tell the truth. Evil people don't belong to the Jewish people and when Jews march arm in arm with those would destroy Israel and murder every last Jew in the country, they aren't sick. They are much worse.

But then that's true of every anti-Semite, who can be psychologically healthy apart from their hatred of the Jews. And the fact there are Jews among them isn't excused or justified by the fact of their religion.

Jewish anti-Semite. Carl, get used to saying it from now on.


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