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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

But what did he say in Arabic?

Jennifer Rubin describes the cajoling that took place in order to get 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen to "cough up a remotely appropriate statement."

Jennifer concludes:
This episode is instructive. First, despite the Obama team’s efforts to gussy up the Palestinian Authority, it exhibits no leadership. Abbas had to be dragged for 48 hours to cough up a remotely appropriate statement. And even then, he rejected any responsibility for the PA’s official efforts to glorify terrorists. However, the episode also reveals that when significant pressure is applied to the PA, its behavior can be modified. If only the Obama administration would spend a fraction of its time denouncing terrorist incitement by the Palestinians as it does pounding Israel on settlements, we might be making progress. But in the meantime, the Itamar massacre only reinforces the conclusion that the PA is unwilling and unable to police its own side. Does President Obama really imagine that Israel would withdraw from the West Bank anytime soon?
It's worse than that. What Jennifer doesn't mention is that the statement that the Obama administration finally dragged out of Abu Mazen was given in English (and still disclaimed blame for the incitement that led to the Itamar attack). What did he say in Arabic? From what I have seen, Abu Bluff has not made any amendments to his initial statement in Arabic on Saturday. That means that while the West has been told what it wants to hear by Abu Mazen, the 'Palestinian people' are still left with the following as described by Jennifer:
The reaction of the Palestinian Authority was equally predictable. On Saturday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas issued a “condemnation” that in essence blamed Israel for the attack, as the Jerusalem Post reported:
In a statement released by his office, Abbas “stressed his rejection and condemnation of all violence directed against civilians, regardless of who was behind it or the reason for it.”
As if that wishy-washy comment were not bad enough, “Abbas added that ‘violence produces violence and what is needed is to speed up a just and comprehensive solution to the conflict.’ Earlier on Saturday, the Palestinian Authority said that there was no evidence of Palestinian involvement in the terror attack in Itamar.”
So while Abu Mazen tells the West what it wants to hear, he tells the 'Palestinian people' that it's business as usual. The Obama administration has done (less than) half the job.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said as much on Monday night.
"I heard [Abbas] denouncing the murder at Itamar this morning on the Voice of Israel," Netanyahu said at a Likud faction session. "There is importance in what he said. In my eyes - what is more important, and this is what I meant - that he should say these things on Palestinian radio and not just on Israeli radio."

Netanyahu noted that at about the same time that Abbas denounced the massacre, one of his ministers was heard saying that the murders may have been carried out by "the settlers and the Government of Israel."

"We demand once again a clear moral line that distinguishes such crimes against people and against babies," Netanyahu explained. He added that some of the denouncements issued by other nations were "cold" and "technical."
What could go wrong?

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At 12:28 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians see nothing morally wrong with terrorism.

They cannot bring themselves to say attacks on Jews are wrong on principle.

I have a sick feeling Israel will let it slide again and in a couple of months or maybe a year we'll right back at the point again.

With no progress having been made by the PA to end incitement to violence and an end to the glorification of terrorism against Jews.

What could go wrong indeed

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Incitement has been a longstanding issue in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. In Dore Gold's piece, 'Why Incitement is Ignored,' he explains why it serves as an obstacle to peace. Read more at: http://jerusalemcenter.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/why-incitement-is-ignored/


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