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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Lara Logan: NY Times photographer sexually harassed in Libya

I'm sure that this is all just a coincidence and that the treatment that New York Times photographer Lynsey Addario endured in captivity in Libya has nothing - nothing at all - to do with the treatment Lara Logan endured at the hands of a mob in Cairo and certainly nothing - nothing at all - to do with Arab Muslim attitudes toward women.
One man grabbed her breasts – the start of a pattern of sexual harassment she endured over the ensuing 48 hours.

‘There was a lot of groping,’ she said. ‘Every man who came in contact with us basically felt every inch of my body short of what was under my clothes.’

As she was being driven away from Ajdabiya, she said another of her captors stroked her head and told her repeatedly that she was going to be killed.

‘He was caressing my head in this sick way, this tender way, saying, "You’re going to die tonight. You’re going to die tonight",‘ she added.

Miss Addario was with Anthony Shadid, the paper’s Beirut bureau chief, photographer Tyler Hicks and reporter and videographer Stephen Farrell when they were seized while leaving the scene of fighting between rebels and Libyan government forces because they decided it had become too dangerous.

Their driver inadvertently drove into a checkpoint manned by troops loyal to the Libyan dictator.

‘I was yelling to the driver, "Keep driving! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!",' said Mr Hicks. ‘I knew that the consequences of being stopped would be very bad.’
There's nothing to see here, so just move on. They just sound like 'ordinary' adolescent males, don't they?

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At 7:59 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

It actually isn't another Lara Logan.. If the photographer means this and isn't trying to keep some privacy for herself:

‘There was a lot of groping,’ she said. ‘Every man who came in contact with us basically felt every inch of my body short of what was under my clothes."

This treatment is standard from (some?) Middle Eastern men all over the world. And it has gone on for four decades that I know of (for a fact). The difference for the photographer is that she was detained for a longer time and more guys got their hands on her. What happened to Lara Logan was waaayyyy worse.

So in the standard case, maybe the "new" Middle East will result in courteous treatment of other citizens (including women) where men keep their hands to themselves. The advocates for the Middle Eastern way keep saying that the men there respect women, but I don't see it.


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