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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

You can hit them over the head with it and the Brits still won't get it

You would have thought that after the Wikileaks disclosures, no one would argue anymore in favor of linkage between the Israeli-'Palestinian' dispute and stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. After all, Wikileaks proved that an Iranian nuclear weapon is concern number one for the Arab countries, and that most of them couldn't care less about the 'Palestinian.'

Except that Britain still doesn't get it.
Israel could bolster the international campaign to head off Iran's nuclear program by pursuing peace with the Palestinians, Britain said on Sunday.

The remarks by Defense Secretary Liam Fox ran counter to arguments by Israel, whose negotiations with the Palestinians stalled last year in a dispute over West Bank settlements, that Palestine talks hinged on first curbing its Iranian arch-foe.
They also ran counter to reality. But then, we've known for over 60 years that the British government doesn't deal in reality. It deals in anti-Semitism.

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At 12:33 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I voted Conservative. I keep trying to tell myself that they know what they're doing. People in charge of running Britain can't really be that stupid. Especially not our defence minister. Surely.

But I'm running out of faith. They are playing Iran's game by Iran's rules. It's Iran that has established a fictional linkage between "peace" in Israel and their nuclear ambitions. Any sane and detached observer just has to look at a map to see that the two issues are completely unrelated.

We Brits are screwed. Idiots in power, idiots in opposition. They say people get the politicians they deserve, so we must have done something wrong.

G-d help us.


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