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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wikileaks: Omar Suleiman promised 'Palestinian' 2006 election would never take place

With the United States telling everyone who will listen that there is no need to worry about an Egyptian election because the Muslim Brotherhood won't win anyway, perhaps this is the time to look back at the last time the US sponsored an election in an Arab polity and told us not to worry about a terror organization winning: The 'Palestinian Authority' in January 2006. A recently released Wikileaks cable shows that the United States wasn't as stupid as we all thought they were when they agreed to that election: The US had been promised by current Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman that the election would never take place.
But a Wikileaks cable released by Aftenposten may explain why State was taken by surprised.

They may have thought the election itself wouldn’t happen.

In fact, they were warned by Israeli Defense Official Amos Gilad that if elections were held, “it will destroy everything” with attempts to foster stability (in the name of “peace”) in the Middle East. But Gilad also told them Omar Suleiman promised to see to it that there were no elections.
Gilad said he warned Suleiman that if Hamas participates in the January 2006 Palestinian elections “it will destroy everything, as Hamas will take over and start a new process.” According to Gilad, Suleiman and his deputy told him, “There will be no elections in January. We will take care of it.” Gilad requested that the USG closely hold this information and strictly protect the sources. He clarified that neither Suleiman nor his deputy explained how Egypt would stop the elections or elaborated further on the subject. Gilad admitted that he does not know how the Egyptians could prevent the elections from taking place, but said, “The only people the Palestinians can trust now are the Egyptians.”
So why didn't Suleiman rig the election or make sure that it wouldn't take place? (Or did he rig it?). And could it happen again?

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At 6:06 AM, Blogger yzernik said...

Criticizing the 2006 Hamas election was one of Obama's "pro-Israel" talking points in 2008. Interesting how he is about to repeat that election on a bigger scale in Egypt.


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