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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why the double standard?

Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt correctly complains over the deafening silence from the West over what's going on in Libya. But then he goes off track: He blames Israel.
“These double standards harm the West’s credibility in the Arab and Muslim world and shatter its image because of its constant pursuit of its interests,” he continued.

Jumblatt comments were featured in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa magazine that the silence stems from the West’s interest in the oil wealth, “which remains the main drive behind most of western policies that turn a blind eye to human rights and democracy once their interests are jeopardized.”

“Whoever relies on the US and the West is [thinking] without reason since the US is always biased toward Israel.”
No. There is a double standard, but Jumblatt is mistaken as to its origin. If Israel were doing to 'Palestinians' what Gadhafi is doing to its own citizens, the US and the Europeans would already have destroyed IDF headquarters (or at least tried to). The double standard is that the world cares when Jews or Christians kill Muslims. The world couldn't care less when Muslims kill Muslims. See Darfur, the Iraq-Iran war, Syria, Egypt (where the West couldn't make up its mind at first), Iran.... Do I need to go on?

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