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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Video: Chinese documentary on Israel, Part 1 of 12

Chinese Central Television, in cooperation with Israel's embassy in Beijing, has produced a 12-part documentary called Walk into Israel - the Land of Milk and Honey.
Israel, the Land of Milk and Honey, the birthplace of the Jewish people and the spiritual center of three religions, presents a unique combination of ancient history and a vibrant modern society, exotic scenery and rich culture.

This 12-episode documentary series (narrated in Chinese with English subtitles), produced by CCTV - Chinese Central Television in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Beijing, introduces the Jewish people and the story of the State of Israel and its development in a historical, comprehensive and systematic manner to Chinese audiences - from Biblical times to the modern State of Israel of the 21st century.

"Walk into Israel - The Land of Milk and Honey" is the story of a long journey, including periods of national sovereignty and prosperity as well as long and difficult periods of exile and persecution, until the Jewish people eventually returned to their homeland and established the modern State of Israel in 1948. The story of the Jewish civilization and the State of Israel is one of continuous innovation, of meeting current challenges while remaining both forward-thinking and true to the past.

What kind of a nation are the Jewish people? Why have the Jewish people suffered a 2000-year Diaspora? How has the Jewish civilization been preserved throughout the Diaspora? What lies behind the legendary holy city of Jerusalem? What is the reason for the high proportion of Jewish Nobel laureates? What is the secret to Israel's success in the fields of agriculture, science and technology so soon after the establishment of the state? All of these questions and more will be answered in the TV series.
I hope to show you the entire series over the next few days. Here's a summary of Part 1.
Canaan was home to an ancient civilization in the Middle East. In the 19th century BCE, the Hebrews led by Abraham from the lower reaches of the Euphrates, entered Canaan and settled down in this region, which they called "a place flowing with milk and honey". It was these people who created the Jewish civilization that was vital and robust and a major influence on the development of the human civilization.
Let's go to the videotape.


At 7:15 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

I hope the Chinese can own up to their mistakes in the region. When izlam was threatening Persia in 633AD, the Persians called on the Chinese, their trading partners, to help them fight off the muzzies. "No thanks", was their isolationist answer. QED.


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