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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sarkozy adviser calls Phillipe Karsenty an Israeli secret agent

An adviser to French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called Phillipe Karsenty - the man who exposed the al-Dura fraud - an Israeli secret agent. This came to me by email. I cannot append the sound file that was appended to the email - sorry.

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, President Sarkozy was the guest of honor at the annual dinner of the French Jewish umbrella group, CRIF.

Richard Prasquier, the head of CRIF, gave a great speech in which he asked for an official and impartial investigation to analyze and determine whether the al Dura news report, broadcast by France 2, was a hoax.

Each and every year, prior to the dinner, the president of the CRIF sends his speech to the Elysée to let them write an appropriate response.

Sarkozy did not address the al Dura part of Prasquier’s speech but instead praised France 2. His intentions were very clear.

Most of Sarkozy’s speech was written by one of his new adviser, Camille Pascal, who used to be part of the management team of France 2. Pascal has spent the last 6 years of his career trying to undermine all efforts to reveal the truth of the al Dura video.

Once, in the past, I had the opportunity to talk with Pascal over the phone.

I was wondering why he was so much against the revelation of the truth on al Dura.

His answer was clear and shocking to me.

He told me: “You belong to the Israeli secret services.”

I was surprised by his answer so I asked him to repeat what he just told me.

He said: “You belong to the Israeli secret services and this is your right”.

By chance, I taped this conversation and you can listen to the 20 seconds which are attached to this email.
It’s in French but you can easily understand the meaning of it.

Please, listen to it.

A century ago, Dreyfus was accused to belong to the German secret services, the enemy of that time.

Now, in the France of today, people accuse you of belonging to the Israeli secret services.

It is time to speak out against dangerous comments like these.

A very effective and simple way to react would be to write directly to Sarkozy’s personal office to make him know that you’re very unhappy of what happened and of the way his team handle the al Dura hoax.

Please, write him here: secretariat.president@elysee.fr

You could also contact your French consulate or embassy (in the US) and tell them Sarkozy’s answer was unacceptable and that his new adviser has to be fired as soon as possible.

Please, forward this message.

The more people who write, the more effective our actions will be.

Please, act now!

Thank you.

Philippe Karsenty

+ 33 6 60 68 74 85


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