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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Palestinians' disbanding Negotiations Support Unit

The 'Palestinian Authority' has decided to disband and restructure its European-funded Negotiations Support Unit, which was the source for the Palileaks documents published by al-Guardian and al-Jazeera. The documents were apparently stolen from the office of Saeb Erekat by members of the unit, which brought about Erekat's resignation. The unit is to be placed under 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's direct supervision.

But how's this for outrageous bias in reporting the story from the Jew-haters at AFP?
The files, which Erakat charged had been "deliberately" tampered with, show Palestinian negotiators offering unprecedented concessions during peace negotiations, including on the ultra-sensitive subjects of Jerusalem and refugees, with nothing in return from Israel.

They also show the Palestinian leadership closely cooperating with Israel in its fight against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Fatah's bitter rival which rules the Gaza Strip.
As to the paragraph about Hamas, the first obligation of the 'Palestinian Authority' under both the Oslo accords and the 'road map' was to disband the terror organizations. Hamas - in case the boobs at AFP can't figure it out - is a terror organization. There is certainly nothing wrong with cooperating with Israel in trying to disband Hamas. Israel has much more experience than the 'Palestinian Authority' has in fighting terrorists.

The disbandment of the Negotiations Support Unit - which is being mourned today all over Europe and in elitist circles in the Arab world - actually makes the chances of peace slightly (albeit not enough) better. In case you didn't deduce it already from the Unit's being the source of Palileaks, the Negotiations Support Unit had been urging the 'Palestinians' to take harder positions and not to compromise with Israel. Disbanding the Negotiations Support Unit won't bring peace, but it's a step in the right direction.

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