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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Not-so-Great Britain forgets it's not a colonial power anymore

British foreign secretary William Hague has forgotten that he represents a country that is no longer a colonial power, and therefore cannot dictate policy to the former colonies that drove his country out.
In an interview published by London based paper The Times, Hague said that recent popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan could undermine the search for a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"Amidst the opportunity for countries like Tunisia and Egypt, there is a legitimate fear that the Middle East peace process will lose further momentum and be put to one side, and will be a casualty of uncertainty in the region," Hague said.

"This should not be a time for belligerent language," Hague argued when asked about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's call to ready for "any outcome."

"It is a time to inject greater urgency into the Middle East peace process," the British foreign minister told The Times.

Hague explained that he thought Israel's stance on settlement activities in the West Bank is "disappointing" and went on to say that peace may become "impossible" within a few years.

Hague voiced his concern that a conflict that a conflict may break about between Israel and Hizbullah following last month's collapse of the Lebanese government.

"The scale of any military conflict that may happen between Israel and Hizbullah is growing, because of the growth of armaments in the area," Hague said to the paper.
What a moron....

The last time I checked, the parties to the 'Middle East peace process,' such as it is, were Israel and the 'Palestinian Authority.' Everyone else is supposed to be trying to bring those two parties together. If there were a 'peace process' of which to speak, it ought not to be affected by what's going on in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan. Except that it is... because the very existence of a separate ethnicity called 'Palestinians' is a fiction created by the Arab countries with the encouragement of Britain and other Europeans to undermine the existence of the only Jewish state. And because if Jordan falls, that fiction could be exposed by Jordan's becoming the real Palestinian state, because the origins of the so-called 'West Bank Palestinians' are in Jordan.

Netanyahu can and should call for Israel and our allies to be ready for 'any outcome' in Egypt. No one knows if the result will be that Mubarak (or Suleiman) stays in power or if the Muslim Brotherhood will take over or if there will be utter case. The outcome that seems most unlikely right now - but the outcome that would most please people here - is a secular, democratic Egypt not under the influence or domination of the Islamists. If Hague doesn't like that, no one asked him anyway. The last time I checked the British 'empire' is defunct and shares borders only with a bunch of cold seas and not with Egypt.

'Peace' may become 'impossible' within a few years? What the hell does he think it is now? It's certainly not possible now, nor has it ever been possible. It might BECOME possible if instead of pressuring Israel, morons like Hague would work on de-Nazifying the Arabs so that their virulent Jew hatred and concomitant desire to vitiate the existence of the Jewish state would not be the obstacle to peace that it has been for the last hundred years.

Finally, he worries about a conflict between Israel and Hezbullah because of the 'growth of armaments in the area.' Well whose fault is that? Who used 4,000 out of 12,000 rockets to shoot from civilian areas at civilians in 2006, and then went out and got another 40,000 rockets after they got their butts kicked insufficiently hard? And who stood around and watched that happen? If Mr. Hague is not even capable of assigning blame to the party that has turned our northern border into a wired killing field he ought to keep his damned mouth shut.


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At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commented elsewhere:

Time for tea.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Hague is a pederast arab lap-dog.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I knew Shy Guy would beat me to it. ;-)

That said - the Arabs' problem is not reducible to Israeli-Palestinian peace. If there was no Israel, the same uprisings would have happened.

The Palestinians are not interested in peace with Israel. They've offered one creative excuse after another to avoid direct talks. Last month Prime Minister Netanyahu said to the foreign press in Israel this would be year when people could see who wants peace and who doesn't.

And with rise of Islamist movements in Arab countries, quite frankly, the prospects of peace with the Arabs are further away than ever. If William Hague doesn't know this, he should keep his stupid yap shut.


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