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Monday, February 07, 2011

The next domino?

Is Bahrain next?
As demands for change spread across the Middle East, authorities in Bahrain are taking steps to prevent activists from using the Internet to encourage dissent, a human rights organization said Sunday.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights accused the government of blocking access to a Facebook group calling for protests inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. The center's own website has been blocked for years, it said. Several prominent bloggers have also been arrested.

Opposition activists in the small Persian Gulf island nation have been calling for a “day of rage” Feb. 14 against the ruling royal family. Bahraini authorities have taken economic measures to try to stave off the mounting anger, raising food subsidies.

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At 10:50 PM, Blogger The Caped Crusader said...

"Bahraini officials produced evidence in Washington that the Bahraini branch of Hezbollah had been involved in an effort to overthrow their pro-American government with the assistance of an Iranian intelligence officer tied directly to Khamenei."

The Rise of Nuclear Iran by Dore Gold (P.27)

All these uprisings seem to have a strong whiff of Iran about them. And only one man is responsible...

Gobama! Yes we can...


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