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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Leftist Think Progress attacks Jennifer Rubin for being pro-Israel

The Leftist blog Think Progress has attacked Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin for being pro-Israel (Hat Tip: Andrew Breitbart via Twitter).
Rubin, a prolific blogger, has published 415 posts since she started at The Washington Post at the end of November. Her blog categorizes her posts by topic and shows that: 29 were about “Israel;” 11 were about “American Jews,” and 16 were about “Iran.” In just the past few weeks, she attacked the signatories of a letter calling for the Obama administration to support a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in the Occupied Territory. Rubin also attacked HSBC for an advertisement which the bank was running to call attention to the high number of female filmmakers in Iran.

Now, her hard work on behalf of the Israel right has earned her a free trip. “In the interest of full disclosure,” she revealed yesterday, her trip to Israel’s Herzliya Conference, an Israeli strategic confab, will be paid for by the Bill Kristol front group, The Emergency Committee For Israel (ECI).


The Washington Post’s claim that she is representative of the conservative movement is deeply misleading. Her close relationship with ECI, her gleeful promotion of the “military option” against Iran’s nuclear facilities, and her proclivity towards smearing her opponents as “Israel-bashing” show that Rubin represents the interests and ideology of the hawkish, pro-Israel right-wing. While the Post claims that her blog is representative of conservative politics and policy, her posts have shown a very different focus.
You have to wonder which bothers Think Progress more - that Rubin is conservative or that she's pro-Israel. These days, the two are almost synonymous, which is unfortunately not the case with being a liberal.

But if Jennifer is going to be at Herzliya (as are Jonah Goldberg and Danielle Pletka according to tweets I saw on Friday, and probably Noah Pollak of ECI too), that's a real incentive to try to get a ticket and show up. Hmmm.

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At 5:24 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Of course if Rubin attended a George Soros organized conference, it wouldn't be an issue.

I wonder what Jeremy Ben Ami thinks of all this.... since pro-Israel is not up his alley.

Being pro-Israel, in a lot of quarters these days, is akin to being viewed as a Typhoid Mary.

That's what this reaction from Think Progress shows.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you read the comments on that thread? I made the mistake of doing so and I sorely regret it. What a cesspool of antisemitic filth disguised as "only" anti-Zionist or anti-Israel.

PS I'm the commenter formerly known as "annie" or "annekl".


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