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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iranian warships cross Suez Canal

Those two Iranian warships crossed the Suez Canal on Tuesday morning. Israel looked on and wringed its hands in frustration.
The two ships - the Khark which has 250 crew members and can carry three helicopters and the Alvand which is armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles – entered the Suez Canal early Tuesday morning and arrived in the Mediterranean Sea by the evening.

Israeli defense officials said that the ships did not pose a threat to the Israeli Navy which would be watching them from a distance and would not engage them. The Iranian ships will pass Israel at a distance as they make their way towards Syria where they are expected to dock for several months.

“This is a major provocation,” a senior defense official said. “We will keep an eye on the ships.”

The ships sailed through the canal en route to Syria in what Israeli officials say is a provocation by the Iranian regime. It's the first time Iranian military vessels have sailed into the Mediterranean since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The ships reportedly paid about $300,000 in fees for the passage
What could go wrong?

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At 5:11 AM, Blogger Broomer said...

If anything happens between Israel and Lebanon, the ships will be early targets.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger ryanshaunkelly said...

Huge crowds of Egyptians cheering all along the Suez Canal.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Question I have is what will these 2 ships do in May when the next flotilla approaches Gaza? Not good.

At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeshayahu 17 anyone? In those eternal words of Will Smith, " Don't start none; Won't BE none."
The primary reason the muslims still wipe their butts with their hands?
They really ARE that stupid!
We could send them all back to the caveman days; but they are all still there.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger MUSHI said...

Danny what are you talking about??'
it's very simple.

once those ships enter Israeli sea...
SINK them.
that's all.


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