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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How's that engagement going Barack?

The Obama administration is trying out its new 'engagement' with Syria.
The US condemned Syria on Saturday for the secret trial of a young blogger on "spurious" spy charges and appealed for her immediate release.

Tal al-Mallohi was taken into custody in December 2009. Her blog, known for poetry and social commentary, focused mostly on the suffering of Palestinians. It was not clear whether al-Mallohi's arrest was connected to the blog.
Arutz Sheva has a slightly different version.
The United States on Saturday demanded that Syria release a blogger who was jailed on suspicion of spying against the regime. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley demanded that Damascus free Tal Al-Mallouhi, saying that the accusations against her were “false and without basis.” She was arrested in December 2009, after the army accused her of helping agents of a foreign country attack a Syrian army officer.
I wonder if this is the attack they have in mind. It would be kind of ironic for the Syrians to be accusing a pro-'Palestinian' blogger of helping Israel, wouldn't it?

But in any event, the Obama administration's pleas are likely to fall on deaf ears.

How's that engagement going Barack?

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