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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Google and Yad Vashem putting Holocaust stories online

Google and Yad Vashem are teaming up to put Holocaust stories online.
Yad Vashem began digitizing its holdings in the 1990s and has an extensive Web site, but the technology of Google, and the expertise of a team of employees who have been working on the project for three years, will make the information easier to find in search engines.

The photographs have been scanned using optical character recognition, which identifies any text in the pictures, making it searchable. So if Mr. Avni’s grandfather’s name had not been listed in a document but had been inscribed on a photograph, whether in Latin or Hebrew letters, he would still have been found.

The first stage of the Holocaust memorial’s partnership with Google includes about 130,000 photographs in full resolution, hosted on a Google server, with the option for users to add commentary, including historical background and personal family stories. The long-term goal is to include Yad Vashem’s larger archive of millions of documents, including survivor testimonials, diaries, letters and manuscripts.
It's awesome. Read it all.



At 9:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I agree. As a child survivor, I think its an awesome project!

And one long overdue. We need to get it out for future generations so its always remembered and those most of those who lived through it, like my late father, may his memory be for a blessing, are now gone.

Its not by all means unrelieved horror, suffering and death, though there there is a lot of that. Its also about human dignity, resistance to oppression and the eternal desire for freedom and life which never dies.

And the accounts to be posted online are vividly moving in illustrating this very simple truth about why it has captured not only our sense of sorrow at the millions who perished but also showed us that in the end, good wins over evil and G-d who created the world, has chosen to preserve His witness to Him, the Jewish people. This is the proof of G-d's existence.


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