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Friday, February 04, 2011

Abu Bluff's insurance policy

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has taken out an insurance policy against there ever being a 'peace agreement between the 'Palestinians' and Israel.
Ramallah 02/03/2011WAFA (PLO news agency)- President Mahmoud Abbas's desire and the need for the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people for peace based on international legitimacy and renewed rejection of the state with temporary borders, and to offer any concessions to Palestinian rights, and said, 'We are the owners of the right and say our word and our position, and will bear all the pressure for the survival of our decision to an independent, not a confiscation of our decision and that can make concessions, and if we can not go out and try to find a solution with this people will not find '.

The sovereignty during his meeting with the delegations of the refugee camps in the West Bank, Thursday evening, in the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, in the presence of two members of the Central Committee of the Movement of the 'Open' Mahmoud Aloul, Nasser example: 'If we reach a peace agreement we will take the opinion of the people if approved will be agreed and, if did not agree to never end everything and ends of power and ends with everything ', stressing that the people of the camps constitute a shield protector of the Palestinian national project.

The president spoke in front of the delegations of refugees around the issues of reconciliation and elections, and said, 'the holding of elections for the inevitable, an issue that is necessary should we care about, and that we implement and benefit must play', and said 'Please let's go to the elections, pain come the election, so it must go to the ballot box , I like you, come elections, and you have you come to elections, and thus how they resolve this conflict and this conflict, because this division of national shame for us'.


If we to reach a peace agreement, we will have a referendum involving all Palestinians on all final status issues, but if one of the countries hosting refugees refuses, the referendum cannot be held there as I can't go to Syria or Lebanon or the Gulf and make a referendum without consent of the State .. If we have reached a peace agreement we will take the opinion of the people and if approved will be agreed, and if you do not agree to never end everything and ends of power and ends everything.
So why do I call this Abu Bluff's insurance policy against an agreement? For two reasons: First what are the chances that rejectionist countries like Syria and Hezbullah-controlled Lebanon will ever let the 'Palestinians' in their midst vote on an agreement that has any kind of real compromise?

Second, what are the odds that the 'Palestinian refugees' in the 'diaspora' will ever approve an agreement that grants anything less than an unfettered 'right of return' - which is something Israel can never give?

What could go wrong?

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At 9:12 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The chances of peace are dead in our lifetime. The Palestinians only offer of "peace" is for Israel to commit national suicide.

No Israeli government will ever take that step - and as for a Palestinian state - don't hold your breath waiting for one to emerge by 2013.


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