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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Peres to go behind everyone's back again?

President Shimon Peres is notorious for undermining Israeli governments and their policies. It is he who went behind Yitzchak Rabin's back to present a fait accomplis now known as the Oslo Accords. Peres is apparently at it again.
People who have spoken with Peres of late are hearing grim and apocalyptic prophecies unlike anything he has ever voiced before. Not only about the peace process but also about the image of the country, which is becoming ever uglier, about the revulsion he feels at the phenomena of xenophobia and persecution of foreigners, and about the damage being done to Israel by the dark letters recently issued by rabbis and their wives.

At his advanced age and with his vast experience and way of thinking, Peres identifies himself with the state. And he sees all his enterprises drowning in the sea. In 2011, will Shimon Peres surprise us all - and surprise himself, too - by shedding the suffocating uniform of the figurehead and saying what he thinks publicly, in a clear voice and with a great outcry? Many people are pressing him to take that course, some of them opposition figures with whom he meets frequently.

"You are the most popular figure in Israel, and one of the world's most highly regarded leaders," they tell him constantly, "and what good does it do us?" He can invite himself to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama in the next two months, do so in private and explain to him that the continuation of the present nonexistent peace process will cause the Labor Party to leave the government, which will then be succeeded by an extremist caretaker government of the right wing and the ultra-Orthodox, before there are new elections.

In other words, a whole year has gone down the drain. Peres will tell Obama that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to move ahead but is afraid to and that therefore he, the American president, must step up the pressure, dive into the heart of the conflict, invite the leaders to something more than a photo opportunity, at which he will "bang their heads together" - as one of Peres' predecessors, President Ezer Weizman, suggested to the U.S. administration more than a decade ago.
What could go wrong?

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At 8:36 PM, Blogger Batya said...

Peres is a very dangerous man.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger SabaShimon said...

For all he has done for Israel in the early years of the State, at this point, we'll all be better off after he goes.

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Peres' idea is that Mr. Muslim Outreach, the self-appointed Deputy Mayor in charge of Jerusalem construction, and the obsequious intimate off Rashid Khalidi can be counted on to impose a workable and fair peace between Israel and the PLO (rather than for the PLO on Israel and against its interests) the "advanced age" stage of his life is well in the rear-view mirror. The stately eminence of his august self is trundling into dotage and unhappy sunset.

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Alexander Maccabee said...

""You are the most popular figure in Israel, and one of the world's most highly regarded leaders,""

HA! What a joke. Peres is one of the men involved with the theft of Yemenite children; he personally signed approvals. The theft of religious Jews children, delivered into fellow Bolshevik Atheist Jews like Peres... has there ever been a greater Jew on Jew crime? [If there was ever an Israeli who I doubt the actual Halakic Jewishness of it is Peres]

At 6:12 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Peres is the world's stupidest man and least informed person. His pet project is dead because the Palestinians don't want peace with Israel. His involvement won't change that picture.


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