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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Open letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

I received this via email, as did the person who shared it with me, so there is no URL and all you can do is (hopefully) link to it. I'm not aware of its origins.
Open Letter to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


There was a short newscast on CBC 1 Radio news I heard today 1 January at 6 PM.

The lead item was about a Palestinian who died during a protest in the West Bank.

This same day 21 Christians were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a Church in Egypt.

Why was the non-deliberate death of the Palestinian more important than the 21 Christian Copts murdered in Egypt?

A. It can’t be the number of deaths, since many more died in Egypt.

B. It can’t be the religion of the victims, since Canada has many more Christians than Moslems.

C. It can’t be that it was accidental, since every day the world is perfused with accidental deaths during military and police actions.

D. It can’t be because it occurred in disputed territory, since we almost never hear about single deaths in Kashmir (Hindu Vs. Muslim), Cyprus (Turkish Muslim Vs. Greek Christian), Sudan (Arab Muslim Vs Black African), etc.

E. In fact, the only reason left for putting this item in the lead is because of the perpetrator of the death, Israel – even when it’s accidental.

Could it be possible that Israel is selected out for preferential negative news whenever possible?

Within this brief newscast, there was enough time to mention the unfounded accusation of media-savvy Palestinians that Israel had used a special new more toxic and evil form of tear gas. To be balanced, the CBC said Israel has denied this.

If I say that the CBC is secretly funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, will you also air this, and then deny it?

Why is the CBC so willing to broadcast all rumours that portray Israel in a bad light?

It’s a funny thing you know, the Palestinian issue has Muslims Vs Israelis, the Kashmir problem is Muslims Vs Hindus, Cyprus is Muslims Vs Greeks, Darfur is Muslims Vs. Black Africans, Egypt is Muslims Vs. Christian Copts. Muslims are killing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and virtually every other trouble spot. Oh yes, let’s not forget the various Muslim terror plots in Europe, USA and Canada.

Is this escalating worldwide series of events not worth the attention of the CBC?

Of course not, let’s lead off the CBC news with one accidental death caused by Israel.

After all, you’re the CBC, and we know for sure the CBC couldn’t possibly be running a bigoted propaganda vendetta against one small country or one small religion.

Now, that wouldn’t be Canadian, would it?

Yours truly,

(I’m sorry I can’t sign it, because Al Qaeda has put out a hit list on Canadian Coptic Christians. I guess that news isn’t important enough for the CBC either.)

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At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is typical of the CBC. All done on the taxpayers' dime.


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