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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Israel Matzav in JTA top 100 Jewish twitterers

Thanks to all of you who nominated and voted for me - I finished in the top 100 influential Jewish twitterers for 2010.

The order wasn't based on blog traffic (I know I have a lot more blog traffic than many of the other bloggers listed). Here's what it was based on:
Descriptions of Twitalyzer metrics can be found on Twitalyzer's website. In a phone interview with Twitalyzer's Jeff Katz, Katz recommended giving the most weight to the Twitalyzer metric called Impact. Said Katz, "Influence is the ability for someone to persuade others to drive a certain action, be that to retweet, share information, drive action or contribute to charity." Katz also suggested that we incorporate the metrics Engagement and Generosity. JTA was also interested in the frequency of sharing useful information or engaging in conversation. Distribution for metrics was as follows:

* Impact-30%
* Engagement-%15
* Generosity- %15
* Retweets (unique users) - %13.33
* Number of URL's shared- %13.33
* Number of Reference (unique users)- 13.33%
Those of you who follow me on Twitter: What would you like to see more?

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