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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Fighting the information war

Caroline Glick argues that Israel needs to do a more effective job of fighting the information war.
WHAT ALL of this shows is that information wars are not just about getting out the facts. Like kinetic warfare, they involve power plays, intimidation and the use of subconscious and visceral manipulation.

Israel has recently awoken to one aspect of information warfare. It has recognized the consequences of years of demonization of Israel in Europe and international organizations. But Israel has yet to awaken to the fact that it is a type of warfare and has to be countered with counter-information warfare.

Obviously this doesn't mean that Israel should begin acting like its enemies. But what it does mean is that Israel must begin using more hard-knuckle techniques to defend itself. It must begin targeting people's emotions as well has their minds.

For instance, when Israel is confronted by threats of lawsuits for acts of self-defense, it responds with defense attorneys. When the US was threatened with lawfare by Belgian courts, then secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld responded by threatening to remove NATO headquarters from Belgium.

When Israel is accused of targeting Palestinian civilians, it responds by attaching legal advisors to combat units. What it should be doing instead is providing film footage of Palestinian children being trained as terrorists and exploited as human shields.

War is a dirty business. Information warfare is a dirty form of war. And if we don't want to lose, we'd better start fighting.
Read the whole thing. You'll also find out why I put a picture of Koby Mandell HY"D (may God avenge his blood) at the top of this post.

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At 6:30 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel keeps acting like Rodney Dangerfield and wonders why it gets no respect. When you're assaulted, you fight back. You don't file a complaint with indifferent police. Israel seems to be doing too much of that stuff in recent years. Its time to take the gloves off.


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