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Friday, January 28, 2011

Caroline Glick on Sarah Palin

Caroline Glick compares Sarah Palin 2011 to Binyamin Netanyahu 1995.
Just as the American leftist media and political leadership immediately sought to blame Palin, the Tea Party and conservative media personalities for Loughlin's actions, so in 1995, their Israeli counterparts accused the Right - from then opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, to rabbis to the two million Israelis who protested against the so-called "peace process" with the PLO - of responsibility for Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.

Just as Palin and her fellow conservatives are accused of inciting the schizophrenic shooter to pull the trigger, so Netanyahu and his fellow rightists were accused of inciting the sociopathic Yigal Amir to plot and carry out his crime.

And just as it doesn't matter to the American media elites that American conservatives engaged in no such incitement, and that Loughlin himself seemed motivated to act by a mad obsession with grammar, so it didn't matter to their Israeli counterparts that Amir's closest associate and the man responsible for the most incendiary anti-Rabin propaganda was Avishai Raviv - a government agent.

Palin's characterization of the Left's appalling assault on her and her fellow conservatives as a "blood libel," was entirely accurate.


A blood libel involves two things. First, it involves an imaginary crime. Second, it involves the accusation that an entire group of people is guilty of committing that crime that never occurred.

Classically, of course, blood libels have been used against Jews. Anti-Semites accused Jews of killing Christians for ritual use of their blood. Jews had murdered no one and Judaism has no ritual involving the use of human blood. Yet repeatedly entire communities were criminalized and persecuted based on these blood libels.

By criminalizing the entire community based on false allegations regarding a never-committed crime, anti-Semites made it impossible for Jews to go on about our lives. If we sought to deny the charges, we gave them credibility. If we ignored the charges, our silence was interpreted as an admission of guilt. And no matter what we did, the blood libel firmly attached the stench of murder to a completely innocent Jewish community.

Just as their Israeli counterparts did in the wake of Rabin's assassination, so the American Left seeks to attach a sense of criminality and violence to the American Right in order to make it socially and otherwise unpalatable to support or otherwise identify with it.
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At 3:28 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Leftists don't care about the truth, justice or innocence.

They care about their power and will do anything to protect it, no matter how far fetched.

Count on it.

At 5:09 AM, Blogger biorabbi said...

So, question to NormanF and Carl.

Palin versus Obama? Who wins? Is 'THAT' what you guys want? The fact I don't like her is besides the point. She is in single digits amongst independents. Obama will clean her clock and call it a mandate.

What's wrong with a guy like Mitt Romney? He can complete a sentence and can beat Obama. He will be much better on the middle east than Mr. Barack Hussein Obama; or am I missing something?

The contrast between Palin and Margaret Thatcher or Bibi could not be more extreme. Thatcher or Bibi could handle a hostile interview; can Palin handle a non-Fox-news interview or is she scared.

Norman, as to your statements about leftist not caring for truth, justice or innocence. Does that apply to Golda Meir or Allen Dershowitz?

I'm no leftist, but I deeply wish to see the cult of Palin die. The more she is exposed the lower her polling gets. I want a competent person(not the aged hot-tempered McCain or the nutty but good looking Palin), but a sane conservative like Romney or Huckabee. ie somebody who can win!


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