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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bwahahaha: 'Palestinian Authority' to sue al-Jazeera for libel and slander

ROTFL! The 'Palestinian Authority' says it wants to sue al-Jazeera for libel and slander in connection with the release of the Palileaks documents.
The PA said it was also studying the possibility of suing Al-Jazeera for libel and slander.

But while some PA officials claimed that the documents exposed by Al-Jazeera were forged, others admitted that they were genuine.

Abbas, who was in Cairo when Al-Jazeera announced that it had obtained hundreds of secret documents related to the Israeli- Palestinian peace talks, reaffirmed that the PA had nothing to hide and said Arab leaders had been briefed about the details of the talks with Israel. He said the documents published by the Qatari network were forged.

“We will expose the forgery in your station,” Abbas said, addressing Al-Jazeera. “We know how to confront your programs.”

He said that all the documents leaked to Al-Jazeera had been presented to the Arab League Abbas added that the station’s allegations “coincided with the Israeli campaign against the Palestinian Authority and its diplomatic efforts to expose Israeli intransigence.”
Well, are they true or aren't they true? And if they're not true, why were they presentd to the Arab League before they were outed by al-Jazeera? And by the way, where do you guys think you can sue al-Jazeera other than in Qatar and what do you think the chances are of you winning a court case there?


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At 4:28 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

You explained it to them seeing as they always look for Jewish lawyers to represent them.

But they won't take your good and free advice.

Let them waste their money!



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