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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Suha Arafat learned about corruption

Here's a Wikileaks document dump about what Suha Arafat learned about corruption during her years as the first lady of the 'Palestinian Authority.' Apparently quite a bit.

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At 9:11 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Suha Arafat crying poverty to Quadaffi-Duck and others? Now there's a sick joke.

I remember reading years ago a number of articles about Arafat's personal wealth. Estimates ranged from several hundred million to $1.5 billion dollars, all monies skimmed and laundered from a gullible world's aid money for the Palis. I also remember reading one article that, immediately after his death, when she and daughter were in France, she was subjected to enormous pressure (incl. death threats?) from the PA Capos to get "their" money back.

My guess is that if this is accurate, to get them off her back, she returned anywhere from some to most, but certainly not all, of that money. My guess is the PA Capos likely wouldn't want her living in the West Bank or Gaza, being potentially a complicating and very troublesome figure, widow of Saint Yasser and all. So, let her keep a small proportion of the money, to support her and shut her up. If, with their tacit agreement, she even kept a very low figure of 5% of the low end estimate of Arafat's money, that'd be *at least* $10+ million bucks, plus their mansion outside Paris.

Of course, if your late spouse was a billionaire and you're now down to your last $10 or $20 million, that could be perceived by a certain type of mind, already spiritually impoverished, as financially impoverished.


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