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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New poll claims Obama not so unpopular in Israel

A new survey out from the Brookings Institution claims that Israeli Jews don't hate President Obama as much as everyone thought we did.
The Brookings Institution poll of Jewish Israelis showed 51 percent responding with negative views of the U.S. president to 41 percent with positive views.

The Obama administration's Israel policy has been dogged for more than a year by the impression that Jewish Israeli support for Obama was in the single digits based on previous polls conducted by other organizations.

The earlier impressions, cited often by Obama critics as evidence of his low popularity among Jewish Israelis, were based in part on polls that asked respondents whether they perceived Obama as pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian or evenhanded, and not whether they favored Obama or opposed him. A March poll in The Jerusalem Post poll, for example, found that 9 percent perceived the president as pro-Israel, 30 percent as neutral and 48 percent as pro-Palestinian.
The poll was done by Dahaf.

I don't buy this poll. Here's the main reason why.
A majority also appeared to believe that the Netanyahu government was not doing enough to press for a peace deal, with 62 percent saying that Israel should "do more than it does today to promote comprehensive peace with the Arabs based on the 1967 borders, with agreed modifications, and the establishment of a peaceful Palestinian state next to Israel," and 35 percent saying it should not.
How's that for a loaded question? Do you think they had an agenda? Especially after polls published over the weekend showed the Right increasing its lead in the Knesset from 65-55 to 69-51 (and ten of the seats on the Left are Arab parties which have never been invited to join a coalition).

For the record, the weekend polls here also found that Netanyahu is ten points ahead of Livni in the "who should be Prime Minister" contest.

Read the whole thing.

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At 9:49 PM, Blogger Soccer Dad said...

This is a poll run by Shibley Telhami who is a J-Street leaning academic. Usually Zogby (Zogby did the Arab poll in this group) runs his polls saying to prove that it is Israeli intransigence that is the biggest obstacle to peace.

Look at his American polling data on the question of who do you favor - Palestinians, Israel, neither. In the Telhami/Brookings poll the biggest response is for "neither." That doesn't match most polling.

Telhami is an academic fraud and Brookings/Saban show that they have no credibility either by partnering with him.


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