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Friday, December 10, 2010

Indian ambassador to the US subjected to 'enhanced patdown'

Give them credit for one thing in the US: When they're politically correct, they're politically correct. Last Saturday, in Jackson, Mississippi, the morons from TSA decided to grope the Indian ambassador to the United States, despite the fact that she had a diplomatic passport.
India's government expressed anger Thursday at a personal security check performed on India's ambassador to the United States, Meera Shanka. Shankar was searched by security personnel at the the Jackson-Ever International airport in Mississippi on December 4 on her way from a speech at a local college. She was pegged as "suspicious," Indian officials said, because she was a wearing a traditional Indian sari outfit. She displayed diplomatic documents, but was forced to undergo a full body pat-down anyway, Indian Foreign Ministry officials said in a formal complaint to the U.S. State Department.

"This is unacceptable to India," said Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna. "I am rather surprised by the way the ambassador has been treated."
Of course, if it were the Saudi ambassador to the US, this never would have happened. After all, that would have been 'Islamophobic.'

Remember how angry the Americans got last summer because Israel 'debriefed' former Clinton Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala? And she isn't even a diplomat anymore! Besides, I'd rather be 'debriefed' than have some TSA agent groping inside my briefs.

If I were the Indian foreign minister, I'd recall the ambassador for 'consultations' for a couple of weeks. Maybe then these morons running 'airport security' in the US would start to get it.

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At 1:07 PM, Blogger Eliyahu in Shilo said...

I haven't lived there for about 15 years, but I did grow up in Jackson. Been through that airport 10s of times. I disagree Carl about the Saudi. Mississippians tend not to give a #$%^ about offending foreigners.


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