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Friday, December 17, 2010

IDF drilling for war?

The IDF undertook a massive drill in the Golan Heights on Thursday. They're preparing for war with Hezbullah.
Two combat units were involved in the drill that ended on Thursday. The collaborative training event took place in the Golan Heights, it said.

Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of armored vehicles dealt with simulated antitank missiles, rockets and mortar shells – as well as motorcycle-riding Hizbullah operatives.

"The training facilitated a simulation of an operational environment, which requires the commanders to talk among themselves, for example to coordinate fire… These are the things that we expect to happen during combat," a senior officer told Ynet.

The senior officer said the intensive exercise and the Israeli army's new technology will boost troops' capabilities on the battlefield. "It is now possible to shoot a larger number of targets over a shorter period of time," he said.
Unfortunately, the next war is probably inevitable.

A reminder that because I am in the US posting may continue later today and will start later tomorrow night.

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At 8:28 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

As we all know, Gaza and Lebanon could explode at any time. And that nothing whatsoever to do with Jewish restraint or niceness toward Jew-hating Arabs.

Just an inconvenient reminder of the world in which we live today.

Peace is not close at hand!


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