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Friday, December 17, 2010

As usual, listen to what the 'Palestinians' are saying in Arabic

Khaled Abu Toameh points out that - as usual - the Obama administration is only listening to what the 'Palestinians' are saying in English and not to what they are saying in Arabic. It's the Arabic that's crucial.
When Mahmoud Abbas day and night reiterates that he will not make any concessions, and that he insists on a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines, including east Jerusalem, and that the refugees must return to their original homes inside Israel proper, the US obviously does not take him seriously.

Nor are the Americans ready to accept the fact that Abbas is a weak and discredited leader who will never be able to sell any peace agreement to a majority of Arabs and Palestinians.

The Palestinians are telling the US Administration that they do not trust Obama and Clinton anymore. However, this does not seem to ring a bell with anyone in the White House or the State Department.

Abbas and the Palestinian leadership are telling everyone, including the Americans, that they have no intention to change their position, no matter how long the Middle East conflict continues. The Palestinians have even won the backing of the Arab League for their policies, first and foremost for refusing to return to the negotiating table unless their pre-conditions are met.


When will the US Administration realize that peace does not depend on the way you hold the talks, but on substance? Do the Americans really believe that the Palestinians will change their positions and demands if the talks were direct or indirect?

If the Palestinians have made it clear through the previous rounds of indirect and direct negotiations with Israel that they cannot make such concessions, what reason is there to believe that they will change their minds or soften their position during the proposed "parallel talks"?

Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders say they have lost faith in the Obama Administration because of its failure to "force" Israel to extend a moratorium on settlement construction not only in the West Bank, but also in Jerusalem.

The Palestinians have even publicly expressed their deep disappointment with Obama and Clinton, accusing them of endorsing the policies of the Israeli government.

When the indirect talks began a few months ago, Abbas stated that he had no intention of giving up on any of the major core issues. Abbas once again reiterated his position when Washington pressured him to launch direct talks with Israel.

Yet this has not stopped the Americans from continuing to push harder and harder. Even if the Palestinians agreed to the latest US offer to conduct "parallel talks," who said that the Palestinians would come with different position?
One has to wonder at what point the Obama administration will understand that beating your head against the wall isn't going to change anyone's position. Enough is enough. They should just give the 'Palestinians' the White House phone number and tell them to call when they are ready to talk. I doubt they will call.

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At 8:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its really absurd and could well be a LatmaTV satire. The so-called peace talks are now being held not for substance's sake but simply to give the impression talks are happening!

That's really funny. Somewhere, Abu Bluff is laughing himself to death at the Obama Administration's stupidity and inept approach to diplomacy. Life is really funnier than the worst TV skits in the world.



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