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Monday, November 22, 2010

Video: The Obama administration shames America

Two and a half weeks ago, I reported on the United States' periodic review at the UN 'Human Rights Council.' At the time, I said that the Republican party ought to get a hold of the video for use in the next election cycle. I now have that video and it's even worse than I thought it would be.

Let's go to the videotape. I'll have more afterward.

The last comment on the tape was the key one: Demeaning the United States is apparently in President Obama's political interests. The key foreign policy goal of the Obama administration is to destroy the notion that America is an exceptional nation, and to cut it down to the same size as brutal dictatorships around the world. Trying to cut down America's most feisty ally by forcing it into a situation where it will have to fight for its very existence is part of the same 'strategy.'

I'm embarrassed by this as an American. As I have told you all many times, I moved to Israel despite my love for America, and not because I was unhappy in America. Seeing my country of birth debased like this hurts. It ought to hurt those of you who are Americans too.

I follow Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio and Jim Demint on Twitter (and Sarah Palin). I doubt any of them would know who I am (although Demint follows me as well). If any of you is connected enough to get their attention, please send this post to them. The shaming of America has to stop.

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At 6:11 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

For Carl
There are those who can make you feel proud to be American... you just aren't near them. I grew up with them. It goes through the generations, in all the services:

Soldiers' Angels (Official)

and a General's son is laid to rest....."When we went to war, we went to liberate and prevent future attacks on our soil, and to give a brave people with a tragic history a chance at Democracy and America’s Generals send their very own sons. Sons that fight not because they had to. Sons that fought because they wanted... to."

On November 9, 2010, 1Lt Robert Kelly was killed in Sangin, Afghanistan. His funeral is today. He died in the dismount. Boots laced. On patrol. Leading Marines. He is son of Lt.Gen. John F. Kelly -- rest in peace. He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif. Lt. Robert Kelley will be buried at Arlington on Nov 22.


Family and Friends,

As I think you all know by now our Robert was killed in action protecting our country, its people, and its values from a terrible and relentless enemy, on 9 Nov, in Sangin, Afghanistan. He was leading his Grunts on a dismounted patrol when he was taken. They are shaken, but will recover quickly and already back at it. He went quickly and thank God he did not suffer. In combat that is as good as it gets, and we are thankful. We are a broken hearted - but proud family. He was a wonderful and precious boy living a meaningful life. He was in exactly the place he wanted to be, doing exactly what he wanted to do, surrounded by the best men on this earth - his Marines and Navy Doc.

The nation he served has honored us with promoting him posthumously to First Lieutenant of Marines. We will bury our son, now 1stLt Robert Michael Kelly USMC, in Arlington National Cemetery on 22 Nov. Services will commence at 1245 at Fort Myers. We will likely have a memorial receiving at a yet to be designated funeral home on 21 Nov. The coffin will be closed. Our son Captain John Kelly USMC, himself a multi-tour combat veteran and the best big brother on this earth, will escort the body from Dover Air Force Base to Arlington. From the moment he was killed he has never been alone and will remain under the protection of a Marine to his final resting place.

Many have offered prayers for us and we thank you, but his wonderful wife Heather and the rest of the clan ask that you direct the majority of your prayers to his platoon of Marines, still in contact and in "harm's way," and at greater risk without his steady leadership.

Thank you all for the many kindnesses we could not get through this without you all. Thank you all for being there for us. The pain in unimaginable, and we could not do this without you.

Semper Fidelis

John Kelly

John Kelly served as the top Marine commander in Iraq in 2008 when he commanded the Marine force based in Anbar province. He now oversees all reserve units in the Marine Corps as head of Marine Forces Reserve. Robert Kelly, 29, was serving with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, which has seen 14 of its troops killed during its short five- to six-week combat deployment in Afghanistan.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Like Shy Guy would say: Stupid Americans!

Fortunately, they had enough this month and hopefully, they can correct their mistake in 2012.

America doesn't need to be judged by the most abominable tyrannies on the planet. Its time to put a stop to tearing down America's exceptional character.

The Obama Administration may not get that we care but the rest of us do. Let's set the record straight.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger secrus said...

Such a shame to see the US being kicked around like it's the worst nation on earth.

If I was one of the US delegates there, I would have said to them "Hey, you know what? Let's play a game - we will take down our borders for a month, and you will take down your borders for a month. Let's say WE give everyone airplane tickets to the other country - and then we will see. You want to bet where everyone in your country will go to?". If the US is such a bad place, how come everyone wants to live in America?"

God bless America, it's a great nation and it should connect to it's humanity without the need to justify it's actions as if America is a bad place.


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