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Saturday, November 27, 2010

US warns Israel on Wikileaks

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

The United States has warned Israel of potentially embarrassing information being disclosed as a result of a massive document release by Wikileaks. The release is said to be imminent.
The US Embassy in Tel Aviv has informed the Prime Minister's Office that the website WikiLeaks was planning on releasing US diplomatic cables, of which some may deal with Israel-America relations.

The reason the US gave for informing the Israeli government is that they wanted to make sure Israel was prepared for publicity that might cause diplomatic embarrassment, and would not be surprised by the findings.
Other countries warned include Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark and Norway. The documents were scheduled for release as early as Friday (this post was prepared on Friday before the Sabbath started).



At 6:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am not sure if Israel or the US would be embarrassed by the leak. US is likely. Probably some pretty unflattering things said.

This is sort of a breaking of client confidentiality. Imagine private conversations, that are supposed to be private, being aired on a public site.

Who would trust that future conversations were private? You would have to be insane to believe this.

Which will have a very chilling effect on information sharing.

I am sure the wikileaks people think they are doing important work. But in this case, they are becoming a significant problem in that they are forcing disclosure of things that ought to be private.

I supported their concept of outing a wrong, way back when they did that. I didn't support their release of US military documents. This did expose sources and methods. In all likelihood, more than a few people died as a result, and this emboldened the enemy. I absolutely am appalled by the latest disclosure.

I am not sure of the right way to handle this. Technological measures can get us to a point. Encryption is strongly recommended. But also a serious vetting of people with access to such information is needed, as well as a serious vetting of those doing the vetting. The idiots who made copies of these documents, or got a hold of them need to be used as the basis for detection of similar tendencies going forward.

At 9:57 AM, Blogger David Manor said...

I think that this kind of disclosure shows an irresponsable atiutde of people that bring it to the public.
They are either dangerous people or simply naive and not intelligent.
If they think that "right of people to know " is mnore important than relationship between nations, they see only one inch in front of their noses.
Ordinary poeple like me, will forget what papers disclosed after a week and we have not much to do about it;but relationships between nations will be damaged for years, and that can bring
dangerous situations for their populations .
If this is what they want to achieve by publishing this information, they are really sick or dangerous or enemies of every normal person in the world

At 7:52 PM, Blogger BitinDawg said...

Methinks, them as who condemn or resist wikileaks don't want me to know what they themselves essentially know or divine. Me thinks me wants to know.


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