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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sestak carried 71% of Pennsylvania Jewish vote?

Joe Sestak carried 71% of the Pennsylvania Jewish vote? Well, that's what J Street claims anyway.
Despite well-financed attacks on Sestak which were aimed at Jewish voters, Sestak overwhelmingly won the Jewish vote. Sestak’s 71-23 margin with Jewish voters outpaced Dan Onorato, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Governor, who had a 68-27 margin over Republican Tom Corbett.
Pennsylvania is said to be Philadelphia in the East, Pittsburgh in the West and Alabama in the middle. Alabama did a better job of voting Sestak out. Once again, the Christians defend Israel while those who claim to be Jews (many of whom I suspect are not - at least under Jewish law) push Israel way down on their priority list.

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At 8:39 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Well, Israel, glad to help a Brother out. Anyone who can't wrap their head around the Religious War being waged by Islam, against Jews and Christians has their heads in the sand, so to speak. Love linking in through 'Legal Insurrection' to see how you, your family and your State are really doing. The truth is limited as we, well know.


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