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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Gaza tunnels now exporting Israeli soap to Egypt

Gaza's smuggling tunnels have now become a two-way street, importing Egyptian goods to Gaza and exporting Israeli goods to Egypt.
Tunnel owner Abu Mohamed says much of what is smuggled to Egypt is scrap metal and recyclable goods such as used car batteries.

With inflation and food prices rising in Egypt, tunnel owners now also send Israeli food products under the border. Avocados, eggs, and chickens, and goats and cows for breeding purposes all traverse the subterranean passage. Other items such as blankets and particular brands of Israeli soap are also on the list. Asked why there is a demand for Israeli soap in Egypt, where soap is plentiful, Mr. Mohamed says with a grin, “They say it goes well with the water in El Arish,” an Egyptian border city.
And Mr. Mohamed desperately needs your assistance. Mohamed says that at the height of the blockade he made as much as $20,000 a day.
When Israel began allowing more goods into Gaza this summer, his profits plummeted to $400 to $500 a day.
Sounds like they're really starving in Gaza, doesn't it?

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