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Saturday, November 06, 2010

British promises v. British actions

In an interview with Israel's Channel 10 (cable), British Foreign Secretary William Hague promised that Britain would amend its universal jurisdiction law within a year to allow members of the Israeli government and high-ranking members of the IDF to enter and leave Britain without fearing arrest.
He promised the law would be changed within the next year, but asked Israel not to pressure his government to move faster than the parliamentary process would allow.

“This is a parliamentary system, and the government does not control all that,” Hague said.

“I would expect it to be in place next year, but we will continue to do it to our own timetable. We do not need any intervention by other foreign ministers in that process, including the Israeli one,” he said.
Where have we heard that before? Answer: From the governments of both Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Maybe the Brits are hoping that within a year, Israel will go away (God forbid) and then no one will ask them to amend the law.
Tensions were heightened further when Mr Hague met senior Palestinian activists spearheading the struggle against Israeli settlements and the West Bank security fence, and apparently expressed his support for their ‘non-violent struggle’.
Somehow that story didn't get into the Channel 10 interview either (although the interview may have taken place before that meeting).

The Brits are nothing if not consistent. They were hostile to Jews and Israel during the Mandate (including World War II when millions of Jews perished because the Brits would not open the gates of 'Mandatory Palestine' - an act for which they have never even apologized) and they remain hostile to this day. Conservatives, Labor - they're all the same.

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At 6:48 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that law to be amended any time soon.

A British promise means nothing. And this is lapped by a dhimmi Jewish leadership that welcomed Hague to the country without first insisting on reciprocal treatment being according to its own leaders.

If Israel's leaders don't stand up for themselves and allow the British to walk all over them, they shouldn't be surprised when nothing changes over there.

What could go wrong indeed


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