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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where are all the aid flotillas for Haiti?

Two babies are born, one in Gaza and one in the Bahamas. Which one is statistically likely to live longer? I'll have the answer at the end. But first, consider some statistics from RonMossad on the amount of aid being given to Gaza as compared with poor countries around the world:
Recently, Sean Penn was on the CNN news magazine program, AC360. Penn was on television to raise awareness for a cholera outbreak that has rapidly been spreading across earthquake-torn Haiti. To date, over 250 Haitians have been killed and 3,100 people have been sickened by the disease.

It is worth noting, that at this time the outbreak is still approximately 60 miles north of the capital of Port-Au-Prince – an extremely densely populated city with very poor water filtration. When cholera shows up there, the numbers of dead will skyrocket. It is also worth noting, that this kind of nightmare happens on a daily basis with little to no reaction from people who refer to themselves as "liberals" or progressives. So this kind of apathy is less than surprising.

But in Haiti we have a developing situation is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis – and it has all the makings of a humanitarian disaster.

Furthermore, as of this month, not even one cent of the United-States-pledged $1.15 billion that was supposed to help rebuild Haitian infrastructure (like water treatment plants that would prevent cholera contamination for example) has been spent.
And that's just Haiti. The average Gazan gets 12,000% more food aid than the average Afghani. The average Gazan lives longer than the average Thai, Brazilian, Filipino, Indian, Russian or Fijian. The average Gazan lives longer than the average Turk! And - you guessed it - he lives longer than the average Bahamian too.

Read the whole thing.


At 10:38 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The reason has to do with the Jews.

The Haitians are not lucky to have them for an enemy.

All the aid for Gaza is a function of Jew-hatred. Humanitarianism doesn't really enter into it - no matter what the "Gaza is under siege" folks would like to tell you.

You can ask them why the Haitians don't get more aid than the Gazans when they really are facing a humanitarian catastrophe.

And who is helping them? The Israelis. But don't expect the anti-Israel crowd to highlight it.


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