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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Tea Party is coming to Israel

The Tea Party movement is coming to Israel to oppose President Obama and the suicidal concessions he wants Israel to make in the 'peace process.'
A new grassroots effort is beginning that is modeled after the American conservative social movement. The Israeli version promises to be just as patriotic, just as provocative and just as antagonistic to US President Barack Obama.

The movement will hold its opening rally on Sunday night at the Zionist Organization of America House in Tel Aviv under the banner “Saying no to Obama.”

The immediate goal of the movement will be to pressure Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu not to give in to Obama’s demand that Israel renew the construction moratorium in Judea and Samaria.

Israeli Tea Party spokeswoman Sarah Tiktinsky predicted that Obama would renew efforts to push Israel following next Tuesday’s midterm elections in the US, and said Obama’s leverage on Netanyahu must be countered with equal force by the Right.

“Netanyahu has been under intense pressure from Washington,” Tiktinsky said. “History has proven that Bibi caves in to pressure, so something must be done to stop him. No one in the Likud faction is taking the serious steps to stop him, so it must come from the grassroots.”
And for those of you following along in the US, the JPost knows why Sarah Palin referred to 1773 last week.

Now, if only they'll also mobilize to cut our taxes....



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